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About us

We are
CEE mainly

Located in Prague, Czech Republic, we rely on a dense network of highly professional partners all over the globe.

We are
entrepreneurs like you

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. We know what your needs and expectations are.

We execute
M&A transactions for you

Mergers and acquisitions are our passion. We are hands-on and act straight towards the common goal.



We provide advice and execution services on M&A to clients, assisting them to:


Manage negotiations between each of the parties involved in an M&A transaction.


Identify target companies, investors or strategic partners and acquirers.


Structure the whole transaction, manage the project and instruct partner firms.

How it works

You want to
sell your company We are on your sell-side

You created a successful business with a strong market position. You reached a point where you would like to hand over the business to the ideal successor, but you are not sure whether you have the right solution.

Show me the process

You want to
buy a company We are on your buy-side

You want to expand to new markets or strengthen your position through acquisitions and require external help.

Show me the process

Oh, I see… You don't know the value of your company…

Have it determined here and now!


The Gang

Joachim Sauter


Joachim is our team's "elder statesman". He has tremendous experience in managing and turning around companies. Thus, he immediately understands our clients' businesses and their needs. He is relaxed, economic and Swabian, likes colors and loves convertible cars. He has been a golf pro for ages.

Rudolf Rentsch


Rudolf is our team's M&A lawyer. He has sold and bought breweries, high-tech companies, down-to-earth-businesses, medical labs and more. He makes sure there is order during transactions and that deals aren't killed by fellow lawyers. He is liberal, euro-Atlantic and democratic, likes small, fast cars, loves his family, and is a rising golf star.

Petra Sršňová


Petra was present at the birth of our company. She is an active aide and ally in the buying and selling process, putting the wishes and interests of the business owners into practice with ease and a smile on her face. Clients highly appreciate her positive attitude. In her spare time she enjoys nature, loves a glass of good wine and relaxes with a bit of gardening.

Igor Mišík


Igor is our Slovak all-purpose weapon. He analyzes markets, identifies the key players, valuates businesses, and communicates with everybody. He likes his Golf III, loves the many beauties of Eastern Slovakia, and is a talented downhill skier.


CFO (Chief Flying Officer)

The Drone is the latest addition to our team. It helps us explore unbeaten paths and memorizes findings. It likes solar power, loves logistics, and is an engineering enthusiast.

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Success stories


Selling and buying private businesses is a delicate and confidential matter, not only at the beginning and during the process, but also after the deal is done.

Sellers and buyers often want to avoid publicity. So instead of dropping names on this page, we just summarize a few of the many exciting deals that we have worked on in the past. 




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